What is Expresso?

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3 min readMay 3, 2022


Expresso (expresso.finance), is a DeFi protocol providing an environment of tools and products to help users start or boost their DeFi projects and investments. Everything through a comprehensive dashboard with no coding knowledge required, simply navigate through our dapp and sky-rocket your DeFi journey.

What can I do on Expresso?

As of now, these are the amazing features you can find on Expresso:


Pre-selling is a practice performed by some crypto projects ahead of an initial coin offering (ICO), in which tokens are sold at a lower price.

This could be considered beneficial for both investors and the development team if the underlying project will be a success. In fact, while the project’s creators would receive much-needed funds, investors have the potential to acquire a token at a discounted price that could be worth a lot more in the future.

Liquidity bond

A liquidity bond is a very interesting product introduced by Expresso.
A project that already listed its token can emit a liquidity bond to do similarly to what in traditional finance is called “recapitalization”.

A liquidity bond, as the name suggests, is bonded to the liquidity pool (LP) of a token on a dex (decentralized exchange) like Panckakeswap or Uniswap, and allows to buy that token at a discounted price compared to the LP price, but with a vesting period, meaning that the acquired tokens won’t be released all together to the buyer, but over a certain amount of time.

Token factory

The Expresso token factory is a tool that allows creating new tokens, setting the name, the symbol, the amount, and the number of decimals (up to 18) of the new token.
It also offers the possibility to include features like burning, minting, pause, votes, snapshots, flash minting, roles, etc.


An airdrop, in the cryptocurrency business, is an operation (automated by an airdrop smart contract) that involves sending coins or tokens to wallet addresses in order to reward for a certain action and/or promote awareness of a new coin or token.


With this feature, you can create a timelock smart contract. What is a Timelock? A timelock is a type of locking or restricting mechanism, that locks out a certain amount of tokens or coins until a predetermined time is not reached.


This feature allows the creation of a vesting smart contract. In the crypto and DeFi space, after a pre-sale, an initial coin offering (ICO), or other crowdfunding events, a percentage of the project’s tokens sold and/or raised is often locked in a vesting smart contract and then released those tokens or coins, this process is referred to as vesting.


Bots, sniping bots, and front-running bots are becoming an obsession for crypto projects and investors on decentralized exchanges (Dex).
Especially targeting new tokens after their presales during the first seconds of listing on a Dex, these bots aim to acquire tokens and to cause a substantial increase in the token price, to be dumped right after to generate profits out of this operation. Making investors lose money right after the trade due to the quick rise and subsequent heavy drop of the token price. Since are made by bots, these operations are executed really fast making any reaction almost impossible to project owners and investors.

Expresso is a tool to integrate with existing or newly created tokens protection against these kinds of bots.

KYC & Audit

Expresso, through its partners, offers KYC and Audit services for projects in order to add a layer of trust between investors and projects and offer more professional services and products.

For more information, here you can find the Expresso documentation 📖



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